About Us

Sconvolto is a new Italian watch microbrand committed to innovative and unconventional solutions. No fear to experiment or reinvent is the road that leads to our unique watches.

Born from the passion for watches and design, Sconvolto is the product of years of studies, research and development, with the aim to bring a really innovative product to the market.

Luca Ubertini, designer, entrepreneur, artisan, maker, is the man behind Sconvolto. Began to toy around with watch design in 2013, when the first ideas that later began the Ammortizzato (and other future models), were put on paper. In 2018 Luca started Sconvolto Design, to focus on watch development while working with other contractors as a designer for funding. Since late 2019, Sconvolto is completely dedicated to watches.

Located in the small town of Castelplanio, on the hills of central Italy, Sconvolto is actually run entirely by its founder, relying on both local, national and international suppliers for sourcing the custom-developed components of his watches, while most finishing and assembly is done in-house.