In the early stages of development, it was adamant the Ammortizzato's case was going to be a fibreglass shell over a stainless steel "frame".

As the details came together, and the various elements were engineered into the design, it became clear that it was impossible: wall thickness was too thin, tolerances too tight, forces too strong. Once the spring lug consolidated in the final sliding form, case material of choice already became aluminium. 7075 alloy, often called Ergal, aerospace-grade aluminium or other fancy names, satisfied the need for strength and lightness. The two parts case is machined from billet, anodized and EPD coated for a beautiful finish and maximum resistance to corrosion and scratches.

The high domed crystal that precisely follows the shape of the case, is made in PMMA, CNC machined and hand polished. PMMA is shatterproof, distortion-free and very light.

The movement sits in a brass ring, and brass is the crown too, PVD coated black. All the fasteners are stainless steel.

The spring-loaded lug that gives the Ammortizzato its name is based on a sliding element, that relies on the exceptional quality of POM synthetic polymer: low friction, high strength and great stability.

Dials and hands are, again, made of brass. The thin sheets are photo-etched, then comes the work of filing, soldering, glueing and painting, all done in-house. Under those dials lie reliable Miyota movements. For small seconds dials, the 82S5 movement was chosen for the peculiar position of the second’s hand, that allowed for the creations of Tipo D and Tipo L faces. For the dials with date indication of Tipo F and Tipo A, the higher-grade 9015 provides greater precision, higher frequency, better finish and hacking seconds.

To complete the package, a soft bracelet made from the finest Italian calfskin and premium natural rubber gently embraces the wrist, closed by the custom DLC PVD buckle.

The Ammortizzato is a mix of traditional and exotic materials, with never seen before solutions, and a lightness goal that is fully accomplished: despite being a massive watch, it only weighs 75 grams on the wrist, including the bracelet.